Friday, August 20, 2010

THANK YOU BLOGGER! Love the new spam filter!!!

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I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else,  but the spam filter that Blogger has installed is the ultimate in fabulousness!!!! The other day,  I got an email that I had received a comment on one of my posts. When I clicked on it to see what it was, I RACED to my blog, because it was a comment with the most VULGAR (and I do mean vulgar) statements. I clicked on the post so I could delete it really quickly, hopefully before anyone would have to see the nastiness. It was nowhere to be found on my post!!! I look in my spam, and WOOHOO BLOGGER!!! It's sitting there with about five or six of those asian symbol emails that kept showing up on my posts as well!!! I have not had one piece of spam post to my blog since they initiated it! I think I might have activated it by clicking on a few of the spam posts and clicking on the "report as spam" button they now have up. I'm not sure about how it started, I'm just really happy it did!! I just had to give them a huge shout out, cause now, there is really no more need for word verification. So I again send out my plea....please turn off your word verification. You don't need it to stop the spam, and I would greatly appreciate it when I visit you and want to comment! Have a great weekend everyone! HUGS!


Myrna said...

I agree word verification is a pain.
Glad they are on the ball and those nasty messages are gone.
Thanks for the update.

Patty said...

I don't have a vugar comment, but I do have someone who did not comment but put there link button, now it shows up on every post. Can you tell me how to get rid of this?

Melanie said...

I love this feature too Sharon...I think it's great! I've never been big on the word verification, but I always have comment moderation turned on. It's unfortunate, but you never know what might show up. :(

Marlene said...

HATE word verification...and have NEVER had it for that very reason. Somehow, I've managed to avoid the nasty comments....but I am thankful they've got a spam filter now. Wonder how long it will work well for...guess time will tell. I will go to comment moderation before I'll go to word verification if need be.

LINDA W. said...

I read your post and went to my blog and SAID NO thanks for the
Linda W.

Kelly said...

I love the new spam blocker too, now no need to monitor comments.

Gaby ~ Scrapabookaholic said...

Thanks for the info

Crayola58 said...

I didn't know why, but when I saw your "Be Kind To Your Visitors", I did away with my word verif. Now I see that Blogger has done something wonderful for us.
I too had gotten those asian symbols a time or two.
Hope those are gone forever.
Thanks for the heads up, Sharon.

DonnaMundinger said...

I'm with you! The word verification adds SOOO much tme whn you're trying to see it all and spread some love. I've got to go report my Asian symbols, though. Thanks for the tip! xxD

Sue from Oregon said...

cool...thanks for the info!