Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some LONG overdue thank you's to some friends that have issued me awards!!!!

I have been issued some awards and have been TERRIBLE about not getting them posted. I apologize to these wonderful artists for me taking so long to get these posted here!

First, from one of my newest blogging friends, the talented Diana from Diana's AUsome Creations Etc! Thank you soooo much Diana for nominating me for this lovely award and for all your sweet comments and your support of me and my blog! You're amazing! Please be sure and visit her blog and check out her AUsome work!!! :)

Next award is from my friend Krista from Bella and Aidees Mom's blog with the You've Been Tagged award. Krista is so sweet and so talented! I'm tickled PINK (smile) to be able to work with Krista on the design team Bitten By The Bug. She's a true inspiration. She sells some amazingly beautiful kits along with her mom too! Be sure and visit her blog and check out all her wonderful work! Thank you so much Krista for thinking of me! The rules to this one is I'm supposed to list 7 random/weird facts about myself.

Ok, so here we go

1. When I was five years old and everyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was a Nun. I remember telling them that.

2. Also when I was about five years old, (same time I was planning on being a Nun) me and the next door neighbor boy (who is the exact same age as me) would sneak behind the house and kiss. LOL!

3. My idea of a wonderful vacation is to sit at home in my comfy clothes for a solid week of isolation and do nothing but craft and chat with my friends.

4. I cry at EVERYTHING! I'm pitiful I tell you! I cry at Christmas songs, I cry at movies, I cry at television shows, I tear up at any hint of emotion. I have tried to beat it my entire life, and have finally given up and given in. Now I just try and hide it. LOL!

5. I'm a night owl! Which is NOT good as I have to get up at 4:30am to get ready for my day job. UGH! Any time I'm off, I migrate to the evening hours. I am a happy camper to sit and craft until 3am and then to sleep until 11!

6. I've got a fear about having bad breath. I suck on Altoids like crazy. I constantly have one in my mouth when I'm awake.

7. And on that note, my last weird fact is that the peppermint in the Altoids makes me sneeze! I can put one in my mouth, and sometimes I'll sneeze as many as three times from the peppermint! LOL!!

Ok, that's it for my 7 facts....Hope you still want to come back and visit me! LOL! Krista...thank you so much for the fun, my friend! You're amazing!

This next award I received from two different people whom I admire very much. I got one from the very talented Nikki from Two Bugs and a Crafting Junkie! It never ceases to amaze me that someone that gives me so much inspiration could look at me the same way. I have been a huge fan of Nikki's for quite some time. I drink up her work like I would a vodka cranberry! My second nomination for this wonderful award came from my sweet and VERY talented friend, Michelle (BCR8IV). Michelle is amazing and is such an inspiration to me! We go quite a ways back and became friends in a card club from the Cricut MB. I loved her work then, and love it even more now! I am very honored and consider myself very lucky to be able to work with BOTH of these ladies on design teams. Please be sure and do yourself a favor by visiting their blogs and checking out their work!

I know I'm supposed to nominate other people to receive these awards, but it's just soooo danged hard to pick just a couple when I love and admire so many people. Honestly, I truly believe that everyone that takes time out of their day to pay me a visit deserves to post these awards on their blogs. Every one of you inspires me tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your friendships and support. Without you, this blog would not even exist. Thank you once again ladies, by honoring me with these awards! You've made me feel very special! Big hugs!!!


DeeDee said...

LOL!! I love #4 the BEST!!! You know why? ME TOO!!! LMTO!!! I love ya my sweet friend...TFS all your fun facts!! HUGS!!!

Lana said...

Oh Sharon this really made me giggle : )
I am also a night owl it must be something to do with us crafters!

Lana said...

Oh Sharon this really made me giggle : )
I am also a night owl it must be something to do with us crafters!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I get misty and emotional a lot too! Not at everything, but enough stuff! I love your facts! Congratulations on your awards!!

Crayola58 said...

Sharon, I loved reading every single line of your "confessions". You are such a neat neat gal, Sharon, and I know everyone feels the exact same way.
Bless you, kiddo, keep on suckin' those Altoid.
I tear up just thinking of putting one of those in my mouth. Ha ha ha...